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Seen on: 04/03/2017

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The Windmill Massacre (2016)

Directed by Nick Jongerius



Jennifer, an Australian girl on the run from her past, turns up in Amsterdam and, in a desperate attempt to blend in, joins a coach-load of tourists on a tour of Holland’s old windmills. When the bus breaks down in the middle of nowhere, she and the other tourists are forced to seek shelter in a disused shed beside a sinister windmill where a devil-worshiping miller once ground the bones of locals instead of grain. As members of the group start to disappear, Jennifer learns that they all have something in common – a shared secret that seems to mark them all for doom.

Length 85 minutes


Donnya Zidan | Liz Vergeer | Stijn Westenend | Derek Howard | Valentine Berning | Mattijn Hartemink | Adam Thomas Wright | Noah Taylor | Kenan Raven | Bart Klever | Tanroh Ishida | Fiona Hampton | Charlotte Beaumont | Ben Batt | Patrick Baladi

Viewing Notes

Spent the day at home sick so I watched a few movies while laying around coughing my head off.

Was hoping for better with this one (AKA THE WINDMILL) but it plays out, for the most part, like a common slasher film with a little twist to it. I did enjoy the ending though.


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