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Seen on: 07/08/2017

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The Lady Vanishes (1938)

Directed by Alfred Hitchcock

Mystery | Suspense | Thriller

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On a train headed for England a group of travelers is delayed by an avalanche. Holed up in a hotel in a fictional European country, young Iris befriends elderly Miss Froy. When the train resumes, Iris suffers a bout of unconsciousness and wakes to find the old woman has disappeared. The other passengers ominously deny Miss Froy ever existed, so Iris begins to investigate with another traveler and, as the pair sleuth, romantic sparks fly.

Rated NR | Length 96 minutes


Paul Lukas | Alfred Hitchcock | Michael Redgrave | Margaret Lockwood | Dame May Whitty | Cecil Parker | Linden Travers | Naunton Wayne | Basil Radford | Mary Clare | Emile Boreo | Googie Withers | Sally Stewart | Philip Leaver | Selma Vaz Dias | Charles Oliver | Catherine Lacey | Roy Russell | Josephine Wilson | Kathleen Tremaine | Ernest Blyth

Viewing Notes

Woke up before everyone else so I slipped down to the home theater to watch a few movies. Trying to keep up with the time periods we’re studying in the Hitchcock class so decided to start with this.

I think I’ve seen parts of this before but never the entire thing. It’s a pretty brilliant movie with lots of sly, blink-and-you’ll-miss-it, humor and two great leads in Margaret Lockwood and Michael Redgrave. I feel like Hitchcock played to their stage acting strengths as the movie takes place almost entirely in confined spaces, much like a stage.

I also like how the macguffin is so inconsequential as to be barely mentioned throughout most of the movie. It’s like “wait, what was all the fuss about again?” by the end.


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