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Seen on: 08/16/2017

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Bunny Lake Is Missing (1965)

Directed by Otto Preminger

Crime | Suspense | Thriller

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A woman reports that her young daughter is missing, but there seems to be no evidence that she ever existed.

Rated NR | Length 107 minutes


Keir Dullea | Adrienne Corri | Laurence Olivier | Lucie Mannheim | Carol Lynley | Anna Massey | Finlay Currie | Noël Coward | Martita Hunt | Clive Revill | Percy Herbert | Victor Maddern | Megs Jenkins | Richard Wattis | Delphi Lawrence | Dan Jackson | Jill Melford | Suzanne Neve | Suky Appleby

Viewing Notes

Great movie with a great, understated performance from Olivier and beautiful, crisp, black and white cinematography coupled with some really excellent shot compositions. This falls down a little bit in the final act but it’s still a really good movie well worth watching.


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