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The Challenge (1982)

Directed by John Frankenheimer


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Rick, a down-and-out American boxer, is hired to transport a sword to Japan, unaware that the whole thing is a set up in a bitter blood-feud between two brothers, one who follows the traditional path of the samurai and the other a businessman. At the behest of the businessman, Rick undertakes samurai training from the other brother, but joins his cause. He also becomes romantically involved with the samurai’s daughter.

Length 113 minutes


Scott Glenn | Clyde Kusatsu | Toshirō Mifune | Yoshio Inaba | Seiji Miyaguchi | Kenta Fukasaku | Sab Shimono | Donna Kei Benz | Calvin Jung | Miiko Taka | Shôgo Shimada | Atsuo Nakamura | Kiyoaki Nagai | Akio Kameda | Hisashi Osaka | Pamela Bowman

Viewing Notes

Kind of a weird film for Frankenheimer. Scott Glenn is so lanky and disjointed in this it’s hard to buy him in the role. However, the final fight scene is epic and I wouldn’t be surprised if it inspired the mobile home sword fight in KILL BILL.


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