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Seen on: 09/27/2017

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Blue My Mind (2017)

Directed by Lisa Brühlmann

Horror | Fantasy | Drama

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15-year-old Mia faces an overwhelming transformation which puts her entire existence into question. Her body is changing radically, and despite desperate attempts to halt the process, Mia is soon forced to accept that nature is far more powerful than she is.

Length 97 minutes


Regula Grauwiller | Martin Rapold | Ruth Schwegler | Nicola Perot | Dominik Locher | Georg Scharegg | Luna Wedler | Benjamin Dangel | Zoë Pastelle Holthuizen | Rachel Braunschweig | Tim Bettermann | Lou Haltinner | Yael Meier | David Oberholzer | Una Rusca | Timon Kiefer | Michael Schweizer Anliker

Viewing Notes

30th film of the fest. Hard to believe this is a student film! Not excellent, but pretty good. Echoes the themes explored in GINGER SNAPS but in an entirely different direction.


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