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Rating: 7 stars


shudder new york city post-apocalyptic gangs biker gangs double cross

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1990: The Bronx Warriors (1982)

Directed by Enzo G. Castellari

Science Fiction | Action

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In post-apocalyptic New York City a policeman infiltrates the Bronx which has become a battleground for several murderous street gangs.

Rated R | Length 89 minutes


Joshua Sinclair | Antone Pagan | Fred Williamson | George Eastman | Massimo Vanni | Enzo G. Castellari | Chuck Zito | Vic Morrow | Carla Brait | Stefania Girolami Goodwin | Ennio Girolami | Rocco Lerro | Christopher Connelly | Mark Gregory | Betty Dessy | Angelo Ragusa | Giovanni Bonadonna | Michelle Maren | Sandy Alexander | Bert Kittel | Philip Kramer | John LoFranco | Brendan Manning | Don Picard | Howie Weisbrod

Viewing Notes

The rare instance where the sequel is better than the original, but this one is still fun despite the wooden acting and stilted dialogue.


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