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Drums Along the Mohawk (1939)

Directed by John Ford

History | War | Adventure

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Albany, New York, 1776. After marrying, Gil and Lana travel north to settle on a small farm in the Mohawk River Valley, but soon their growing prosperity and happiness are threatened by the sinister sound of drums that announce dark times of revolution and war.

Rated NR | Length 100 minutes


Noble Johnson | Ward Bond | Henry Fonda | Eddie Collins | John Carradine | Dorris Bowdon | Russell Simpson | Mae Marsh | Clara Blandick | Edwin Maxwell | Jessie Ralph | Lionel Pape | Tom Tyler | Arthur Shields | Frank Baker | Claudette Colbert | Robert Greig | Francis Ford | Paul McVey | Robert Lowery | Spencer Charters | Kay Linaker | Edna May Oliver | Clarence Wilson | Si Jenks | Arthur Aylesworth | Roger Imhof | Chief John Big Tree | Charles Tannen | Ruth Clifford | Jack Pennick | Payne B. Johnson | Tiny Jones | Beulah Hall Jones | George Huggins

Viewing Notes

A John Ford non-western shot in Technicolor in 1939. More historically accurate than most movies about the American Revolution but still negatively portrays Native Americans. I’ve been thinking of watching a bunch of Westerns but not sure how I’ll react to all the inaccurate portrayals of Indians.


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