The Cotton Club (1984)

Directed by Francis Ford Coppola

Musical | Crime | Drama

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The story of the people that frequented Harlem’s famous nightclubs, ‘The Cotton Club’, and those that ran it.

Rated R | Length 127 minutes


Mario Van Peebles | Tracey Ross | Sofia Coppola | Robert Earl Jones | Marc Coppola | Giancarlo Esposito | Tucker Smallwood | Diane Venora | Joe Dallesandro | Larry Marshall | Thelma Carpenter | Charles 'Honi' Coles | Wynonna Smith | Jennifer Grey | Glenn Withrow | Ron Karabatsos | Tom Waits | Novella Nelson | John P. Ryan | Laurence Fishburne | Julian Beck | Maurice Hines | Lisa Jane Persky | Gwen Verdon | Fred Gwynne | Nicolas Cage | Allen Garfield | Richard Gere | James Remar | Gregory Hines | Bob Hoskins | Diane Lane | Lonette McKee

Viewing Notes

I didn’t remember a whole lot about this. I’d been meaning to rewatch it for years now since its been decades since I’d seen it. Glad I finally pulled the trigger on it. Such a great ensemble cast with amazing musical and dance performances. It really feels like this era of film making, which itself was an ode to ‘30s musicals and gangster films to an extent, is gone never to return.


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