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The Final Terror (1983)

Directed by Andrew Davis

Horror | Thriller

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A group of friends and their girlfriends head out for what is expected to be a vacation of hiking, camping and a good time, but when a backwoods mama finds them on her turf, it becomes anything but a vacation.

Rated R | Length 82 minutes


Mark Metcalf | Joe Pantoliano | Akosua Busia | Rachel Ward | Lewis Smith | Ernest Harden Jr. | Daryl Hannah | Adrian Zmed | John Friedrich

Viewing Notes

Would probably be worth picking up the Blu-ray of this but the print on Amazon Prime is trash. Looks like a 4x3 480p scan from a VHS source; scan lines throughout, dark as hell and generally hard to watch. Which is too bad because it seems like it could be fun.

Despite all that, great to see early performances by the likes of Daryl Hannah, Joe Pantoliano, Rachel Ward, Adrian Zmed, etc.


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