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Seen on: 07/01/2018

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Shinjuku Triad Society (1995)

Directed by Takashi Miike

Crime | Eastern

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Tatsuhito, a cop, pursues Chinese warlord Wang through the underworld of Shinjuku and over to Taiwan.

Length 100 minutes


SABU | Kippei Shiina | Tomorowo Taguchi | Sei Hiraizumi | Yoji Tanaka | ManzĂ´ Shinra | Ren Osugi | Kazuhiro Mashiko | Ito Yozaburo | Takeshi Caesar | Eri Yu | Masahiro Sudo | Yukie Itou | Shinsuke Izutsu

Viewing Notes

Shudder just added a nice selection of Miike films so time to dig in! This is the only film of the Black Society Trilogy I haven’t seen so it was nice to check this one off the list. Pretty transgressive and feels much different than LAZY DOGS and LEY LINES from my recollection. I may have to revisit the other two as well.


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