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Rating: 6.5 stars


black and white sequel mummy murder revenge swamp kidnapping reincarnation Curse

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The Mummy's Ghost (1944)

Directed by Reginald Le Borg

Horror | Supernatural | Suspense

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An Egyptian high priest travels to America to reclaim the bodies of ancient Egyptian princess Ananka and her living guardian mummy Kharis. Learning that Ananka’s spirit has been reincarnated into another body, he kidnaps a young woman of Egyptian descent with a mysterious resemblance to the princess. However, the high priest’s greedy desires cause him to lose control of the mummy…

Length 61 minutes


Frank Reicher | Lon Chaney Jr. | Harry Shannon | Ivan Triesault | John Carradine | Barton MacLane | Mira McKinney | George Zucco | Anthony Warde | Emmett Vogan | Robert Lowery | Oscar O'Shea | Jack Rockwell | David Bruce | Ramsay Ames | Steve Barclay | Eddy Waller | Dorothy Vaughan | Bess Flowers | Jack C. Smith | Fay Holderness | Lester Sharpe | Claire Whitney | Martha McVicker | Caroline Cook

Viewing Notes

Chaney’s version of the mummy feels a little too animated perhaps, but it still comes off well. I liked the bleak ending of this one and found myself hoping the next one would pick up right where this leaves off (and it does).


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