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The Sisterhood (2004)

Directed by David DeCoteau

Horror | Supernatural

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Christine (Jennifer Holland) and Reagan (Kate Plec) are a pair of young women who get to know each other when they end up sharing a dorm room in college. Christine is a studious type who is still getting over a family tragedy, while Reagan never lets her classes get in the way of a good time. Convinced Christine needs to get out more, Reagan persuades her to tag along as she attends a wild party at the Beta Alpha Tau sorority house. Both Christine and Reagan are impressed with the BAT house, and in particular, chapter president Devin (Michelle Borth), and they are soon invited to join. However, Ms. Masters (Barbara Crampton), who teaches a class on the paranormal, believes that the BAT house is the center of supernatural activity on campus, and urges Christine to inform her of the goings-on at the house. It isn’t long before Christine finds out that Ms. Masters’ fears were based in fact, but can she tear herself away from the decadent pleasures sorority life has brought to her?

Rated R | Length 85 minutes


Jonna Giovanna | Sara Michelle Ben Av | Kate Plec | Michelle Borth | Jennifer Holland | Barbara Crampton | Justin Wilczynski | Matt Fitzgerald | Houston Rhines | Greyston Holt | Justin Wilkes | Scot Nicol | Storm David Newton

Viewing Notes

Umm, not good. A waste of Barbra Crampton’s talent unfortunately. From the director of many of the PUPPET MASTER films and a ton of other, probably horrible stuff.


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