Robin Hood (2018)

Directed by Otto Bathurst

Fantasy | Adventure | Action

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A war-hardened Crusader and his Moorish commander mount an audacious revolt against the corrupt English crown.

Rated PG-13 | Length 116 minutes


Taron Egerton | Jamie Foxx | Ben Mendelsohn | Eve Hewson | Jamie Dornan | Tim Minchin | Paul Anderson | F. Murray Abraham | Ian Peck | Cornelius Booth | Kane Headley-Cummings | Scot Greenan | Lara Rossi | Kevin Griffiths | Catriona Temple | Björn Bengtsson | Matt Devere | Nicholas Wittman | Yasen Atour | Josh Herdman | Jerome Holder | Kembe Sorel | Jonathan Peck | László Áron | Declan Hannigan | Antonio Lujak | Andrea Mladinic | Frane Perišin | Roderick Hill | Amélina Limousin

Viewing Notes

An aggressively stupid movie. Hurt to watch. I honestly wanted to walk out of this thing. I kept finding myself wishing they’d focused on Jamie Foxx’s much more interesting character between rolling my eyes every ten seconds.

Also, I don’t care if Ben Mendelsohn plays the same bad guy heavy in every movie. But at least have the decency to change his fucking outfit. Sheesh.

The best part of the film was actually talking to one of the owners for a good 15 minutes before the movie. He was obviously suffering from dementia, or more likely Alzheimer’s, but I made an effort to really listen to him and he had some interesting stories to tell about how they bought the theater, the flooding from 2013, fixing up the place, etc. Really interesting guy!


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