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Seen on: 05/08/2019, 12/02/2018

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Mile 22 (2018)

Directed by Peter Berg

Action | Thriller

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An elite group of American operatives, aided by a top-secret tactical command team, must transport an asset who holds life-threatening information to an extraction point 22 miles away through the hostile streets of an Asian city.

Rated R | Length 95 minutes


Alexandra Vino | Cedric Gervais | Nikolai Nikolaeff | Elle Graham | Peter Berg | Poorna Jagannathan | Brandon Scales | Terry Kinney | Emily Skeggs | Myke Holmes | Billy Smith | Jenique Hendrix | Keith Arthur Bolden | Sam Medina | Lee Chae-lin | Natasha Goubskaya | Carlo Albán | Ronda Jean Rousey | John Malkovich | Iko Uwais | Lauren Cohan | Mark Wahlberg

Viewing Notes

Oh what in the fuck?! Peter Berg needs to quit snorting crystal meth before hitting the editing bay. Schizophrenic editing combined with allowing Mark Wahlberg to talk a mile a minute throughout most of the movie makes it nearly unwatchable. Seriously, the urge to turn this off about 20 minutes into it was almost overwhelming.

And what a criminal waste of Iko Uwais. The less editing you do during his fight scenes the better, but no, instead we get a Bergian shit show.

On the other hand, Lauren Cohan was great! I REALLY want to see her in more badass action roles. The apartment complex assault was the highlight of the movie because of her.

I will allow that this was 100% the wrong movie to put on after having watched four silent era films from 1915 earlier in the day.


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