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Seen on: 01/12/2019

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Europa (1991)

Directed by Lars von Trier

Suspense | Thriller | Film Noir


Postwar Germany, 1945. Leopold Kessler, an American of German descent, works as a sleeping car conductor for the Zentropa railway line. When he meets Katharina Hartmann, the railroad owner’s daughter, and they fall in love, his life intersects with the dark and violent path of a mysterious organization opposed to the United States army military occupation.

Rated R | Length 103 minutes


Tadek Lokcinski | Ben Zimet | Else Petersen | Baard Owe | Lars von Trier | Vera Gebuhr | Erno Müller | Hardy Rafn | Benny Poulsen | Michael Phillip Simpson | Peter Haugstrup | Anne Werner Thomsen | Holger Perfort | Ernst-Hugo Järegård | Dietrich Kuhlbrodt | Leif Magnusson | Henning Jensen | Erik Mørk | Jørgen Reenberg | Eddie Constantine | Max von Sydow | Udo Kier | Barbara Sukowa | Jean-Marc Barr

Viewing Notes

I can’t believe I’ve never heard anything about this amazing film. It’s so hypnotic and intentional in its construction. I probably need to own this along with JUDEX.


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