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Seen on: 01/20/2019

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Close (2019)

Directed by Vicky Jewson

Thriller | Action

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A counter-terrorism expert takes a job protecting a young heiress. After an attempted kidnapping puts both of their lives in danger, they must flee.

Rated R | Length 95 minutes


Lauren Harris | Jonathon Michaels | Mimi Keene | Mehdi El Ouazzani | Youssef Kerkour | Nouredine Touami | Fatima Herandi-Rawya | Mansour Badri | Anna Marie Sullivan | Charley Palmer Rothewell | Robin Kermode | Cherise Silvestri | Huw Parmenter | Olivia Jewson | Kevin Shen | Christopher Sciueref | Abdellatif Chaouqi | George Georgiou | Sargon Yelda | Akin Gazi | Eoin Macken | Indira Varma | Sophie NĂ©lisse | Noomi Rapace

Viewing Notes

Tonia’s pick. I liked parts of this and then other parts had me rolling my eyes. Not a bad role for Rapace overall, but I wish she could find work for better directors.


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