Die Nibelungen: Kriemhild's Revenge (1924)

Directed by Fritz Lang

Adventure | Drama | Fantasy

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After Siegfried’s death, Kriemhild marries Etzel, the King of the Huns. She gives birth to a child, and invites her brothers for a party. She tries to persuade Etzel and the other Huns to kill Hagen, the murderer of Siegfried, but he is protected by her brothers. A fierce battle begins to force her brothers to give Hagen to her.

Length 148 minutes


Rose Lichtenstein | Ernst Legal | Grete Berger | Georg August Koch | Fritz Alberti | Hans Adalbert Schlettow | Annie Röttgen | Rudolf Rittner | Yuri Yurovsky | Iris Roberts | Hubert Heinrich | Hardy von Francois | Erwin Biswanger | Georg John | Hans Carl Mueller | Bernhard Goetzke | Hanna Ralph | Rudolf Klein-Rogge | Theodor Loos | Gertrud Arnold | Margarete Schön

Viewing Notes

Perhaps not quite as good in terms of composition, but Kriemhild’s Revenge makes up for it in raw, bloody violence! Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. Margarete Schön is excellent as Kriemhild.

The action scenes are just nuts! Hard to believe no one was injured on set, especially during the burning palace scenes.


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