The Unholy Three (1930)

Directed by Jack Conway

Crime | Drama | Romance

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“Talkie” remake of Tod Browning’s 1925 silent film. A trio of former sideshow performers double as the “Unholy Three” in a scam to nab some shiny rocks.

Length 72 minutes


Ray Cooke | Linda Parker | Cecilia Parker | Trixie Friganza | Crauford Kent | Clarence Burton | Ivan Linow | John Miljan | Harry Earles | Lila Lee | Elliott Nugent | Lon Chaney

Viewing Notes

I couldn’t locate Tod Browning’s 1925 silent version so had to make due with the 1930 talkie remake. I really like the plot but it got a little goofy at times. I felt like it may have played darker in the original. Still, it was great to see/hear Lon Chaney in his one and only talking role.

Lila Lee is a standout as Rosie, a pickpocket and the object of the love triangle the central plot revolves around.


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