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The Wizard of Oz (1925)

Directed by Larry Semon

Comedy | Family | Fantasy

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A farm girl learns she is a princess and is swept away by a tornado to the land of Oz.

Length 81 minutes


Otto Lederer | Chester Conklin | Bryant Washburn | Oliver Hardy | Virginia Pearson | Charles Murray | Frank Alexander | Larry Semon | Josef Swickard | Mary Carr | Wanda Hawley | William Hauber | Dorothy Dwan | Spencer Bell | Frederick Ko Vert | Rosalind Byrne | William Dinus | Jean Johnston

Viewing Notes

Pretty easy to see why this version isn’t well remembered. The story here bears little resemblance to the book, and is more focused on Semon and his slapstick routines.

Dorothy, played by Dorothy Dwan, is older and feels less innocent. In fact, this Dorothy is oddly sexual with both the Tin Man and Scarecrow characters vying for her affections.

Sadly, this also features some fairly racist shtick centered around the Cowardly Lion character. He’s played by Spencer Bell who’s credited as G. Howe Black, a pretty stupid racist pun. I know this is of the time but really has no place in this particular story.


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