Variety (1925)

Directed by E.A. Dupont

Crime | Drama | Romance

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The murderer “Boss” Huller – after having spent ten years in prison – breaks his silence to tell the warden his story.

Length 104 minutes


The Flying Codonas | Enrico Rastelli | Etelka Maquita | Werner Krauss | Charles Lincoln | Trude Hesterberg | Georg Baselt | Paul Rehkopf | Kurt Gerron | Georg John | Alice Hechy | Warwick Ward | Lya De Putti | Maly Delschaft | Emil Jannings

Viewing Notes

A great, compact film with excellent camerawork with hints of hints of expressionism here and there. Emil Jannings shines as the jealous circus performer; he exudes menace without a word. If this were made in the 1940s it’d be a noir.


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