With the Marines at Tarawa (1944)

Directed by Richard Brooks, Lewis Hayward

Documentary | Short | War

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Documentary short film depicting the harrowing battle between the U.S. Marines and the Japanese for control of the Pacific island of Tarawa.

Length 18 minutes


William Lundigan

Viewing Notes

While still a pretty sobering documentary on the first real amphibious assault by the marines during WWII, and an oscar winner for best short documentary in 1945, there’s a lot of factual information that gets glossed over or simply not conveyed. Reading up on the realities of the assault, the mistakes made, and the loss of life on both sides, the story is a lot more grim.

I’m really curious to know if the battle sounds are dubbed in after, which I suspect was the case, or if any of it was from real audio recordings of the actual battle.


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