Kickboxer from Hell (1990)

Directed by Alton Cheung

Action | Horror | Thriller

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While in Hong Kong preparing for a big tournament, American kickboxing champion Sean becoms involved with undercover British nun Sophia and her battle against his evil crew of kickboxers

Length 91 minutes


Mark Houghton | Nora Miao | Ko Keung | Wayne Archer | Steve Brettingham | Sooni Shroof

Viewing Notes

Pretty terrible! Which is to say a hell of a lot of fun! Two movies barely mashed together to make one, this includes a large portion of scenes from a 1975 Hong Kong horror film called THE OBSESSED. “Directed by” Godfrey Ho under an alias, which explains a lot.

This is also known as ZODIAC AMERICA 3: KICKBOXER FROM HELL and the VHS we watched used that title and included trailers for ZODIAC AMERICA: THE SUPER MASTER (aka ZOMBIE VS. NINJA) and ZODIAC AMERICA 2: EVIL DESTROYER, neither of which could possibly be related to this one, and both of which I really want to see!


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