The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford (2007)

Directed by Andrew Dominik

Drama | Crime | Biography

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Outlaw Jesse James is rumored to be the ‘fastest gun in the West’. An eager recruit into James’ notorious gang, Robert Ford eventually grows jealous of the famed outlaw and, when Robert and his brother sense an opportunity to kill James, their murderous action elevates their target to near mythical status.

Rated R | Length 160 minutes


Brad Pitt | Casey Affleck | Michael Parks | Sam Rockwell | Sam Shepard | Zooey Deschanel | Alison Elliott | Paul Schneider | Ted Levine | Jeremy Renner | Mary-Louise Parker | Matthew Walker | Nick Cave | Brooklynn Proulx | Dustin Bollinger | Garret Dillahunt | Joel McNichol | James Defelice | Tom Aldredge | James Carville | Pat Healy | Sarah Lind | Kailin See | Anthony Harrison | Michael Rogers | Michael Copeman | J.C. Roberts | Lauren Calvert | Jesse Frechette | Hugh Ross | Darrell Orydzuk | Jonathan Erich Drachenberg | Torben S. Hansen | Joel Duncan | Stephanie Wahlstrom | Adam Arlukiewicz | Ian Ferrier | Calvin Bliid | Laryssa Yanchak

Viewing Notes

Gavin’s pick because he wanted to see Roger Deaken’s DP work on this. Such a great, brooding, melancholy story with brilliant acting and gorgeous cinematography.

This time around I recognized Pat Healy, who has a great, if minor, role. Also the underappreciated Garret Dillahunt, Michael Parks and Ted Levine. This cast is outstanding and a little bit like BLACK HAWK DOWN in that sense.


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