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China hostages terrorists lockdown

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Seen on: 03/28/2020

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Vixen (2020)

Directed by Ross W. Clarkson

Action | Crime | Thriller

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An international conference on the future of cyber security held in China’s tallest building is interrupted by a group of terrorists taking advantage of the lockdown ahead of the meeting.  The only delegate not held by the terrorists Sunny Liu finds herself in the unenviable position of being the lone chance of stopping them. The terrorists think catching a single woman is easy, but they may have underestimated their prey.

Length 88 minutes


Jai Day | Bryan Larkin | Jared Robinsen | Julian Gaertner | James Nan | Lie-ri Chen | Mr. Waka Waka | Luc Bendazza | Ryan Logan | Max Repossi | Li Ran | Yang Yang | Ray Li

Viewing Notes

A pretty lackluster copycat of DIE HARD.


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