White Heat (1949)

Directed by Raoul Walsh

Action | Crime | Drama

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A psychopathic criminal with a mother complex makes a daring break from prison and then leads his old gang in a chemical plant payroll heist. After the heist, events take a crazy turn.

Rated NR | Length 114 minutes


Robert Foulk | Ian MacDonald | James Cagney | Edmond O'Brien | Fred Clark | Virginia Mayo | Perry Ivins | Marshall Bradford | Harry Lauter | Mickey Knox | Margaret Wycherly | Steve Cochran | John Archer | Wally Cassell | Grandon Rhodes | John McGuire | Ford Rainey | Robert Osterloh | Sherry Hall | Sid Melton | Ray Montgomery | G. Pat Collins | Milton Parsons | Nolan Leary | Paul Guilfoyle | George Spaulding | Art Foster | John Pickard | Leo Cleary | Eddie Phillips | Bill Cartledge | Colin Kenny | Lee Phelps | Robert Carson | Claudia Barrett | Eddie Foster | Harry Strang | Carl Harbaugh | Fred Coby | Jeffrey Sayre | Ray Bennett | John Butler | Joel Allen | Joey Ray | Jim Toney | Jack Perrin | Art Miles | Jack Perry | Murray Leonard | Buddy Gorman | Larry McGrath | Jim Thorpe | Clarence Hennecke | Chet Brandenburg | Herschel Daugherty | Terry O'Sullivan | Sid Troy | Tom Coleman | Charles Ferguson

Viewing Notes

It’s been a long time since I’ve seen this and there’s so much I probably missed or didn’t appreciate at the time. For one, the Illinois prison (exterior scenes) that Cagney’s character does his time in and breaks out of is Joliet Correctional Facility.

Cagney is captivating as Cody Jarrett but he’s surrounded by a top flight cast including Virginia Mayo and Edmund O’Brien. Margaret Wycherly is also great as Cody’s mother.


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