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mubi james wong howe Ukraine WWII nazis invasion atrocities sacrifice guerilla propaganda black and white

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Seen on: 06/02/2020

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The North Star (1943)

Directed by Lewis Milestone

War | Drama

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A Ukrainian village must suddenly contend with the Nazi invasion of June 1941.

Length 108 minutes


Walter Brennan | Erich von Stroheim | Anne Baxter | Farley Granger | Dana Andrews | Jane Withers | Walter Huston | Martin Kosleck | Dean Jagger | Robert Lowery | Esther Dale | Ann Carter | Frank Wilcox | Ruth Nelson | Carl Benton Reid | Charles Bates | Tonio Selwart | Ann Harding | Paul Guilfoyle | Gene O'Donnell | Eric Roberts | Peter Pohlenz | Loudie Claar | Lynn Winthrop

Viewing Notes

Humorous at times since it’s a bunch of American actors playing idyllic Ukrainian peasants during WWII; and melodramatic as all get out; but the cinematography by James Wong Howe is what I came for and it doesn’t disappoint. Some great tracking shots and crisp, high contrast light and shadow make this one stand out.


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