Body Melt (1994)

Directed by Philip Brophy

Horror | Comedy

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Residents of peaceful Pebbles Court, Homesville, are being used unknowingly as test experiments for a new ‘Body Drug’ that causes rapid body decomposition (melting skin etc.) and painful death.

Length 81 minutes


Gerard Kennedy | Andrew Daddo | Ian Smith | Regina Caigalas | Vincent Gil | Neil Foley | Anthea Davis | Matthew Newton | Lesley Baker | Amy Grove-Rogers | Adrian Wright | Ben Geurens | Amanda Douge | Brett Climo | Lisa McCune | Nicholas Politis | Maurie Annese | William McInnes | Suzi Dougherty | Bill Young | Tommy Dysart | Stig Wemyss | Matthew Green | Philip Green | Russell Allan | Lance Anderson | Robert Simper | Parthena | Matt McLean | Barry Whitnell | Roberto Micale | Lucinda Cowden | Graham Dow | Tiffany Lamb | Gaby Porras | Chris Whitmore | Greg Tingate | Rosemary Margan | Dean Measor | Cal Rein | Maria Kozic | Jillian Murray

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07/16/2020Home TheaterBlu-rayOwned8 stars

Viewing Notes

Accidentally programmed a Melbourne, Australia double feature!

First off, I love, love, love the weird electronic soundtrack which sounds like a mix of Richard H. Kirk’s (of Cabaret Voltaire) side projects and music from Mr. Oizo (nĂ© Quentin Dupieux). It goes a long way towards setting the tone and keeping it all stitched together despite some weird, non-sensical plot segues from time to time.

Secondly the practical FX are excellent and there’s plenty of fun, gross stuff to keep you entertained even if you’re thinking “WTF” about the plot.

Definitely an absurdist precursor (and an inspiration one would think) to movies like RUBBER. This would be a lot of fun at a proper movie night.


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