The Cleansing Hour (2020)

Directed by Damien LeVeck


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Two millennial entrepreneurs stage elaborate fake exorcisms on social media until one of their girlfriends becomes possessed by a demon.

Length 94 minutes


Kyle Gallner | Tara Karsian | Ryan Guzman | Alix Angelis | Emma Holzer | Joanna David | Daniel Hoffmann-Gill | Lucas Bond | Chris Lew Kum Hoi | Matt Raimo | Amrou Al-Kadhi | Shvan Aladdin | Giulia Nahmany | Tiberiu Harsan | Sam Hale

Viewing Notes

Jumps around tonally a bit but then settles in and funnels itself towards an broader climax than originally felt possible. The practical fx are well done and mix well with the digital fx.


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