Unearth (2020)

Directed by John C. Lyons, Dorota Swies

Horror | Drama

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A fracking horror story, “Unearth” follows two neighboring farm families whose relationships are strained when one of them chooses to lease their land to an oil and gas company. In the midst of growing tension, the land is drilled, and something long dormant and terrifying, deep beneath the earth’s surface is released. “Unearth” is about the horrifying repercussions sown by shortsighted decisions, and what our children reap from our actions.

Length 94 minutes


Adrienne Barbeau | Marc Blucas | Allison McAtee | Rachel McKeon | Brooke Sorenson | P.J. Marshall | Monica Wyche

Viewing Notes

Final movie of the festival. Glad to be back home to watch these last two in the home theater.

A pretty well done environmental horror story which takes its time to develop the characters and relationships between two farming families. Complex characters and tensions do a lot to build this one up.

The ending is a little disjointed and could use a little more context but overall I liked it a lot. Barbeau gives a great performance and the rest of the cast does well. The practical effects are excellent!

This would pair well with THE COLOR OUT OF SPACE.


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