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Seen on: 10/11/2020

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Frank & Zed (2020)

Directed by Jesse Blanchard

Horror | Animation | Comedy

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Featuring an all-puppet cast, Frank and Zed tells the story of a doomed village, whose King made a fateful deal to stop a demon from destroying the village years before. Now, as the prophecy comes true upon the King’s death, the villagers brace for an orgy of blood. Living in a destroyed castle not far from the village are Frank and Zed, a Frankenstein-type monster and his brain-eating companion. As the villagers prepare for their impending doom, the two monsters are pulled into a war of epic, puppet-mutilating proportions. This debut feature film by Jesse Blanchard is a hilarious tale of misguided fears, innocent brain consumption, and a loving friendship.

Rated NR | Length 90 minutes


Jerry Bell Jr. | Sam A. Mowry | Mandy Stockholm | Daniel Wagner | Aaron Booth | Randolph F. Christen | Chris Henry | Johnny Huang | Brian McKann | Jonathan McLain | Timothy Morse | Steve Overton

Viewing Notes

Kicked off another day of Nightstream festival with a fun, gory fantasy/horror told entirely using puppets. And lots of blood. Great way to start things off.


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