Spare Parts (2020)

Directed by Andrew Thomas Hunt

Horror | Action

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Members of female punk rock band engage in a rowdy brawl with local hoodlums during their bar gig and spent the night at an auto repair shop with a kind passerby offering to fix their broken-down van. Upon waking up, they realize rather than getting their car fixed, they are in an arena made of junkyard cars and are mutated to be modern-day gladiators with mechanical parts replacing their limbs. Surrounded by blood-thirsty crowd and a local dictator named The Emperor, bloody battles ensue as they are thrown into the survival of their lives while they try to find the means to escape.


Julian Richings | Ryan Allen | Emily Alatalo | Michelle Argyris | Erin Noble | Matt Connors | Kevan Kase | Michael Vincent Dagostino | Kiriana Stanton | Justin James Remeikis | Kayla Dumont | Kathryn Kohut

Viewing Notes

Kicked off Telluride Horror Show with a gory horror/action film that felt like DEAD SHACK crossed with BEYOND THUNDERDOME. Aspired to something greater than it managed but you can’t blame them for trying.

The practical fx during the arena fight scenes were pretty fun.


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