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Rating: 8 stars


telluride toniap jayh home invasion kidnapping revenge double cross hand to hand combat

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Seen on: 10/16/2020

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For the Sake of Vicious (2020)

Directed by Reese Eveneshen, Gabriel Carrer

Action | Crime | Thriller

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An innocent nurse, a tortured maniac and a suspicious hostage face off against a wave of violent intruders as they descend upon their place of refuge on Halloween night.

Length 80 minutes


James Fler | Colin Paradine | Nick Smyth | T.J. Kennedy | Lora Burke

Viewing Notes

Had no idea what to expect and was blown away by this great actioner which features some pretty visceral violence in tight confines with whatever happens to be handy as a weapon. There is some seriously brutal shit going on in this!


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