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Seen on: 10/25/2020

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The Quiet Revolution: State, Society and the Canadian Horror Film (2019)

Directed by Xavier Mendik, Phillip Escott


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A brand new feature-length documentary exploring the social contexts behind Canadian horror cinema from filmmakers and authors Ernest Mathijs and Xavier Mendik.

Length 123 minutes


Mark Irwin | Don Carmody | Pierre David | Jean LaFleur | René Verzier | Paul Lynch | Steven Hoban | William Fruet | Jen Soska | Sylvia Soska | Gigi Saúl Guerrero | Ernest Mathijs | Greg Dunning | Dr. Jennifer Wallis

Viewing Notes

I was really hoping for more in-depth coverage of some of the truly indie genre films that have come out of Canada from the ‘70s on. Instead the first half focused on the tax shelter program (which I was interested in so that’s fine) without really touching on many of the films that came out of that.

The second half focused almost entirely on recent female Canadian filmmakers, again perfectly fine and interesting, but really skipped over a lot of stuff in between.

I love Cronenberg and I love GINGER SNAPS but there are plenty of other things to come out of Canada that could have used the attention.


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