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Black Mask (1996)

Directed by Daniel Lee

Action | Adventure | Comedy

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Tsui Chik tries to lead a quiet life as a librarian. However, he is really a former test subject for a highly secretive supersoldier project and the instructor of a special commando unit dubbed “701.” The 701 squad is used for many government missions, but after one of the agents kills a team of policemen in an uncontrollable rage, the government decides to abort the project and eliminate all the subjects. Tsui Chik helped the surviving 701 agents flee the extermination attempt. Having escaped, Tsui Chik went separate ways from his team. Later, he discovers that the rest of the team were responsible for a violent crime spree that was beyond the capability of the local police. He sets out to stop them, donning a disguise and using the superhero alias of “Black Mask”. Having lost the ability to feel pain due to the surgery performed on the super-soldiers by the military, Black Mask is almost invulnerable.

Rated R | Length 99 minutes


Jet Li | Fran├žoise Yip | Karen Mok | Koan Hui On | Mike Lambert | Sze Mei-Yee | Patrick Lung Kong | Anthony Wong | Lawrence Ah Mon | Henry Fong Ping | Xiong Xin-Xin | Roderick Lam | Chung King-Fai | Dion Lam | Raymond Fung | Moses Chan | Chan Siu-Wah | Sam Kai-Sen Huang | Roy Szeto | Lau Ching-Wan | Sunny Luk Kim-Ching | Winston G. Ellis | Chun Kwai-Bo | Kwan Yung | Ken Lok Tat-Wah | Lee Kim-Wing | Jacky Cheung Chun-Hung | Chan Suk-Yee | Charles Shen | Ankee Leung Chi-On | Nunzio Caponio | John Whitney | Glenn Peters | Russ Price | Victor Haiti | Ricardo Alexander | Tony Ling Chi-Wah | Lam Foo-Wai

Viewing Notes

The annoying Lionsgate dubbed version, so not complete, but still worth a watch.


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