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Seen on: 10/30/2020

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Cyst (2020)

Directed by Tyler Russell

Horror | Science Fiction | Comedy

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On her last day on the job in December of 1960, nurse Patirica (German actress Eva Habermann) has a lot to worry about. There is a steady stream of patients at the office, an intern in training and her boss, Dr. Guy (George Hardy, TROLL 2), is anxiously awaiting a visit from the patent examiners. While Dr. Guy tries to find a test subject for his upcoming demonstration of the cyst-pulverizing device he’s created called the Get-Gone, nurse Patricia, scarred from a previous trial of the machine, grows increasingly nervous. Her fears soon prove well-founded when Dr. Guy accidentally creates a giant man-eating cyst that tears its way through the office.

Length 69 minutes


Jason Douglas | Eva Habermann | Greg Sestero | George Hardy | Gene Jones

Viewing Notes

Kicked off FAFF Part 10 with a morning viewing before starting my work day. CYST is pretty goopy, ridicuous horror comedy fun anchored by some campy, over-the-top in just the right way performances from George Hardy (of TROLL 2 fame) and Eva Habermann.


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