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Rating: 7 stars


crypttv aztec mythology demon spirit possession grave robbers graveyard amulet protector double cross

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Seen on: 11/02/2020

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Mistress of Bones (2020)

Directed by Gigi Saúl Guerrero

Short | Horror | Action

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Two grave-robbers set to unearth an ancient yet dangerous Aztec amulet from the dead. It is unexpected the true strength of evil this artifact contains and it is up to the Mistress of Bones to break the unleashed force that has awakened.

Length 10 minutes


Nicole Muñoz | Edwin Perez | Michel Issa Rubio | Gabriel Carter

Viewing Notes

Great little short from Guerrero. This feels like a proof of concept for either a series or a full length movie, either of which I’d love to watch.


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