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Seen on: 11/05/2020

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Assassination (2015)

Directed by Choi Dong-hoon

Action | Drama | Thriller

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In Japanese-occupied Korea, three freedom fighters are assigned a mission to assassinate a genocidal military leader and his top collaborator. But the plan goes completely awry amidst double-crossings, counter-assassinations, and a shocking revelation about one of the assassins’ past.

Length 140 minutes


Jun Ji-hyun | Lee Jung-jae | Ha Jung-woo | Oh Dal-su | Kim Hae-sook | Cho Seung-woo | Cho Jin-woong | Choi Duk-Moon | Lee Kyung-young | Jeong Gyu-su | Jin Kyung | Park Byung-eun | Kim Hong-pa | Kim Eui-sung | Do Mo-Se | Heo Ji-won | Geum Sae-rok | Jung In-gyeom | Woo Sang-jeon

Viewing Notes

Pretty damn good movie with some great set piece action scenes and fun studio lot sets. Tonia and I had seen a preview for this on another disc and found the disc used at one of the shops in Arizona.


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