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Bloodfight (1989)

Directed by Shuji Goto


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Master martial artist Masahiro Kai is a shadow of the champion fighter and trainer he once was. After his protégé was slain in a no-holds-barred, underground fight by the incomparable Chang Lee, Kai slips into a numbing alcohol-induced stupor to try to forget the past.

Length 100 minutes


Simon Yam | Yasuaki Kurata | Bolo Yeung | Anzu Lawson | Mutsuo Naganuma | John Ladalski | Raja Lion | Cristina Lawson | Shinya Ono | Ken Boyle | Takaaki Nakamura | Fei Lung Chen | Sindy Lim | Richard Foo | Masanari Nasu | Tadashi Sato | Masaru Yamashita | Kazuhiko Shimizu | Strong Kongo | Kazumi Kotani | Sho Tagaya | Katsuyuki Imamura | Tatsuro Koike | Moriaki Sakai | Ron Naguvu | Chalee Lao Chaofa | Tamotsu Kurata | Kazuaki Shimazaki | Marie Noemi | Toshio Kumada | Hiroe Yonezawa | Eleonore Bjerlemo | Tomoko Otani | Kentetsu Kawamoto | Michiko Kakimoto | Asami Miura | Tetsushi Kajiura | Nobuhisa Uehara | Kouichi Chiba | Misako Nagashima | Stuart Smith | Meg Lam Kin-Ming

Viewing Notes

Second Bolo Yeung film of the night, this time the first movie off the MVD double feature Blu (the other is IRONHEART). Cool to see this right after watching DOUBLE IMPACT as they were shot within a few years of each other in Hong Kong. Yeung once again playing the bad guy.

The plot, though straightforward, gets convoluted in the telling as the bulk of the story is within a flashback. The instantly recognizable Yasuaki Kurata makes lots of questionable decisions as the protagonist, and a younger Simon Yam shows up as his protege, Ryu. Gotta be honest, I didn’t recognize Yam while watching the movie!


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