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NWI Philippines shipwreck ghosts search island sea

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Seen on: 11/20/2020

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Aurora (2018)

Directed by Yam Laranas

Mystery | Horror | Thriller

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The passenger ship Aurora mysteriously collides into the rocky sea threatening an entire island. A young woman and her sister must both survive by finding the missing dead for a bounty.

Length 110 minutes


Mercedes Cabral | Anne Curtis | Arnold Reyes | Ricardo Cepeda | Andrea Del Rosario | Allan Paule | Sue Prado | Ruby Ruiz | Marco Gumabao | Phoebe Villamor

Viewing Notes

Interesting premise but the execution was lacking. Depended a lot on washed out color grading and subpar digital fx to get the look it was going for, but felt too artificial. Pretty good for its budget though.


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