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Demonia (1990)

Directed by Lucio Fulci


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Professor Malcolm Evans leads his archaeological expedition into the Valley of Temples in southeast Sicily.  His companion and former student, Liza Harris, is looking forward to her very first dig.  But Liza feels a strange sympathy with the valley and her recurring nightmares seem strongly tied to the nearby ruins.  She is drawn to the remains of a 16th Century convent and its grisly legend of crucifixion.  The local villagers rise to protect the entombed secrets of their ancestors, as Liza’s obsession with uncovering the truth takes her deeper into the forbidden ruins and further from sanity!

Length 85 minutes


Lucio Fulci | Brett Halsey | Al Cliver | Carla Cassola | Lino Salemme | Paola Cozzo | Meg Register | Christina Engelhardt | Pascal Druant | Michael Aronin

Viewing Notes

Pretty tepid outing from Fulci, who also plays the police inspector, in this nunsploitation lite flick. the plot is easy enough to follow but there isn’t a lot of explanation for the supernatural elements. There’s some fun practical effects (even if they’re not very believable) including some great eyeball trauma and a, er, rending scene that made me wish the movie had more to it.


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