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Rating: 8 stars


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Seen on: 12/12/2020 (rewatch)

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Satan (2006)

Directed by Kim Chapiron

Horror | Comedy | Thriller

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A group of young people leave a disco and bump into a shepherd who is ready to spend his night worshipping Satan.

Length 94 minutes


Vincent Cassel | François Levantal | Roxane Mesquida | Leïla Bekhti | Monica Bellucci | Julie-Marie Parmentier | Oxmo Puccino | Mouloud Achour | Olivier Barthelemy | Ladj Ly | Tarubi | Gérald Thomassin | Nico Le Phat Tan | Georgette Crochon | Quentin Lasbazeilles | Guillaume Bacquet | Mokobé Traoré

Viewing Notes

I saw this once before and remember being confused by it so I decided to watch it since it came on after Joe Bob Briggs’ holiday special and I wasn’t tired for once.

Such an odd, intriguing movie with a great central performance by Vincent Cassel. Also, Ladj Li is in this as one of the group of teens! I still don’t understand everything that’s happening (well, more of the why) but it doesn’t lessen the impact.


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