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Seen on: 12/23/2020

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The Pale Door (2020)

Directed by Aaron B. Koontz

Horror | Western

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The Dalton gang escape to a nearby town after a train robbery goes south, but they are met by a coven of witches with sinister plans for the unsuspecting outlaws.

Rated R | Length 96 minutes


Melora Walters | Stan Shaw | Bill Sage | Noah Segan | Zachary Knighton | Pat Healy | Darryl Cox | Tina Parker | Holt Boggs | Jeremy King | Doug Van Liew | Jonny Mars | James Landry H├ębert | Natasha Bassett | Collin Place | Alexandra Harris | Devin Druid | Danielle Evon Ploeger | Debbi Tucker | Peggy Schott | Mark Adam Goff | Jake Ryan Scott | Kent Shelton | Erin Herring

Viewing Notes

Glimmers of potentially good stuff, and decent acting, are the highlights. Can’t say the story itself was all that compelling but given a larger budget Koontz has potential as a director.


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