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Rating: 7 stars


toniap ewanp north africa rescue terrorists coup urban warfare Chinese navy journalist murder hostages ambush tank battle

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Seen on: 01/01/2021, 12/23/2018 (rewatch)

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Operation Red Sea (2018)

Directed by Dante Lam

Action | War | Thriller

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A squad of the Jiaolong Commando Unit - Sea Dragon, a spec ops team of the Chinese Navy, carries out a hostage rescue operation in the nation of Yewaire, on the Arabian Peninsula, and fiercely fights against local rebel groups and Zaka, a terrorist organization.

Rated NR | Length 142 minutes


Simon Yam | Zhang Hanyu | Jiang Luxia | Zhang Yi | Hai Qing | Bai Bing | Sanaa Alaoui | Khalid Benchagra | Jacky Cai | David Yu | Du Jiang | Fenfen Huang | Ian Wang | Johnny Huang | Ayoub Layoussifi | Jiahao Guo | Nisrine Adam | Fang Yin | Yutian Wang | Henry Prince Mak | Hassane Guannouni | Mezouari Houssam

Viewing Notes

So ridiculously over the top and nationalistic, especially the end credits scenes projecting power into the South China Sea, but still a lot of fun.


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