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La Vérité (1960)

Directed by Henri-Georges Clouzot


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As Dominique Marceau is being tried for the murder of Gilbert Tellier, accounts by different witnesses paint a picture of the kind of relationship the two used to share.

Length 127 minutes


Charles Vanel | Brigitte Bardot | Paul Meurisse | André Oumansky | Sami Frey | Jacques Perrin | Claude Berri | Louis Seigner | Fernand Ledoux | Hubert de Lapparent | Paul Bonifas | Raymond Meunier | Barbara Sommers | Marie-José Nat | René Blancard | Colette Castel | Jean-Loup Reynold

Viewing Notes

An excellent character study in the guise of a courtroom drama where the “truth” isn’t the what, where, or how, rather the why.

Gorgeous cinematography from the opening scene on and an outstanding, multifaceted performance from Brigitte Bardot as Dominique Marceau. Clouzot does a great job of using her sexuality in the role without ever exploiting her, allowing her character to be fully realized.


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