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toniap west hulu plus working class nomad van loneliness outcast discarded belonging itinerant

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Seen on: 03/15/2021

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Nomadland (2020)

Directed by ChloƩ Zhao


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A woman in her sixties embarks on a journey through the western United States after losing everything in the Great Recession, living as a van-dwelling modern-day nomad.

Length 108 minutes


Frances McDormand | David Strathairn | Linda May | Swankie | Gay DeForest | Patricia Grier | Angela Reyes | Carl R. Hughes | Douglas G. Soul | Ryan Aquino | Teresa Buchanan | Karie Lynn McDermott Wilder | Brandy Wilber | Makenzie Etcheverry | Bob Wells | Annette Wells | Rachel Bannon | Bryce Bedsworth | Sherita Deni Coker | Merle Redwing | Forrest Bault | Suanne Carlson | Donnie Miller | Roxanne Bay | Matt Sfaelos | Ronald O. Zimmerman | Derek Endres | Paige Dean | Paul Winer | Derrick Janis | Greg Barber | Carol Anne Hodge | Matthew Stinson | Terry Phillip | Bradford Lee Riza | Tay Strathairn | Cat Clifford | James R. Taylor, Jr. | Jeremy Greenman | Ken Greenman | Melissa Smith | Warren Keith | Jeff Andrews | Paul Cunningham | Emily Foley | Mike Sells | Peter Spears | Cheryl Davis

Viewing Notes

Lyrical, lonesome, life-affirming and deeply sad. Another great performance by Francis McDormand anchors the film. Stories about the American West affect me differently now that I live in it.


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