Ninja In The Dragon's Den (1982)

Directed by Corey Yuen

Action | Comedy

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A Japanese master of ninjutsu and a Chinese expert in kung fu, put their differences aside after their master is killed by a mortal enemy.

Length 95 minutes


Conan Lee | Hiroyuki Sanada | Hwang Jang-Lee | Tai Bo | Hiroshi Tanaka | Kwan Yung-Moon | Ma Chin-Ku | Tien Feng | Kaname Tsushima | Wu Chia-Hsiang | Wei Pin-ao | Yukio Someno

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12/04/2021Home TheaterBlu-rayOwned8 stars

Viewing Notes

This movie is a little bit insane but features some of the best martial arts action choreography I’ve ever seen, and I’ve seen a lot! Featuring Conan Lee in his first starring role as a bit of a Jackie Chan-style character up against Hiroyuki Sanada’s ninja who’s on a mission of vengeance.

I know Sanada more from SUNSHINE, RINGU and SPIRAL but he’s been in a ton of stuff. Fun to see him here early in his career.

From the opening credit scenes which showcase the skills of a group of ninjas to the amazing stilt fight scene early in the film and then to the bombastic and crazy interior fight scenes and the final magic fight scene, the fight choreography is both outlandish and just flat out fantastic.

This is the first Kung Fu Robber disc (of the three I ordered) I’ve watched but it looks really good except for one small two second clip. The subs are pretty good as well. I’m looking forward to watching the other two now.


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