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Savage Harvest (1994)

Directed by Eric Stanze


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The agony and death of the Trail of Tears. A Cherokee elder, desperate to aid his people. Demons bursting into our world to destroy the entire tribe. And a great flood that washes the evil up into our modern world. The demons await the smell of the returning Cherokee’s blood and soon sense the arrival of the elder’s descendent. This triggers the demons’ ability to possess human beings. The land that was once inhabited by the Cherokee tribe now traps six innocent victims who must unlock the riddles left behind by the Cherokee elder. Demonic possession consumes one victim after another as showers of blood drench the earth and shrieks of pain echo throughout the forest. The possessed are animalistic, frenzied killing machines, feeding on the warm meat of fresh kills. In the darkened fields, only bloodshed, violence, and terror grow now - and tonight the harvest begins.

Rated NR | Length 71 minutes


Lisa Morrison | Ramona Midgett | William Clifton | David Berliner | D.J. Vivona | Jason Shepherd

Viewing Notes

An interesting very low budget, regional SOV effort. Lots of stilted dialogue and amateur acting but there’s some surprisingly gory SFX in this that make it worth a watch.


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