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The 3 Worlds of Gulliver (1960)

Directed by Jack Sher

Adventure | Fantasy

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Doctor Gulliver is poor, so nothing - not even his charming fiancée Elisabeth - keeps him in the town he lives. He signs on to a ship to India, but in a storm he’s washed off the ship and ends up on an island, which is inhibitated by very tiny people. After he managed to convince them he’s harmless and is accepted as one of their citizens, their king wants to use him in war against a people of giants. Compared to them, even Gulliver is a gnome.

Rated NR | Length 100 minutes


Peter Bull | Martin Benson | Marian Spencer | Basil Sydney | Grégoire Aslan | Kerwin Mathews | Charles Lloyd Pack | Alec Mango | Jo Morrow | Lee Patterson | June Thorburn | Mary Ellis

Viewing Notes

Does a really great job of blending plates and shots to create the illusion of a giant with miniature people and vice versa. Really well done for its time.


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