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Seen on: 05/21/2022

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The Black Beyond Trilogy (1992)

Directed by S. Torriano Berry

Horror | Science Fiction

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Shot on video, the trilogy consists of three episodes. In “Deathly Realities”, a serial killer hiding behind a rubber mask receives comeuppance from his victims, beyond the grave; in “The Coming of the Saturnites”, a space alien (played by Berry!) struggles to ingratiate himself among humans without blowing his cover; and in “Money’ll Eat You Up!!!” a rogue dollar bill (or “dirty green”) makes its victims disappear - a brutal riposte to Gordon Gekko’s then-popular mantra of “greed is good”.

Length 73 minutes


S. Torriano Berry

Viewing Notes

Second feature of Agfadrome II is an anthology of three short films from the director that he made while studying film at UCLA.


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