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Rating: 8 stars


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Seen on: 08/06/2022, 05/21/2020 (rewatch)

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The Chinese Boxer (1970)

Directed by Jimmy Wang Yu


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Lei Ming, a noble young martial arts student who doesn’t know the meaning of giving up. He faces a treacherous, blood-thirsty Japanese karate expert, which leads to many memorable battles as well as several unforgettable training sequences.

Length 90 minutes


Jimmy Wang Yu | Lo Lieh | Wang Ping | Chiu Hung | Fang Mian | Cheng Lui | Wang Kuang-Yu | Chai No | Kong Ling | Wong Chung | Sing Chen | Wong Ching | Tung Li | Yau Lung | Erh Chun

Viewing Notes

Decided to wrap up the evening with a watch of this because I wasn’t sure if I’d seen it before. Jimmy Wang Yu is great as both lead and director. This one’s a classic for a reason. I love Lo Lieh in this too as one of the villains. He doesn’t get the attention he deserves from martial arts film fans. He’s one of my favorite Shaw Brothers actors.

And of course I’d already seen this, but a dubbed version on Amazon Prime when I was tired, which probably explains why it felt vaguely familiar.


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